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e-Caregiving is a web-based patient & caregiver education tool that healthcare providers offer those spouses, family, significant others who care for patients at home and away from the healthcare institution. e-Caregiving assists new or experienced caregivers to understand their role, and provides essential support for this difficult challenge. e-Caregiving educates patients and caregivers about the condition and what might happen as the condition declines or improves. e-Caregiving describes the kinds of professional care the patient may receive, and what will happen as that care is delivered. e-Caregiving instructs in how to carry it out tasks that the caregiver may do. A better informed caregiver enhances quality of life for the patient and the caregiver.

As a provider, you can help your patients' caregivers to join the care team. Patients have better outcomes, sooner. Your quality scores improve, visibly, in your star ratings and public quality indicators. Your costs decline, and your reimbursement goes up. You're better equipped to thrive under value-based purchasing regulations.

Changing patient lives through informed caregiving!

Professional Quality Caregiver Education

e-Caregiving applies a strict evidence-based standard for all content and materials. The vast majority of the content is supported by research and reference. Common conditions are covered, including essentials for safety, comfort, quality. Comprehensive and Focused. You can trust e-Caregiving to provide well-supported education to your community.


e-Caregiving makes content accessible to caregivers. The content is easy to navigate. Pages can be printed. Text size can be adjusted. Content can be read with text-to-speech from your browser.

Do You Measure Up?

Consider this Checklist to help you assess whether you are doing all you can with your current program. If you're planning for Caregiving Support, this list will help you set direction. See CaregivingChecklist.pdf.


This is terrific! Not only as a nurse, but also as a family caregiver, I can truly appreciate Tina’s insightful guidance provided in this Guide to Caregiving. This information would have been a source of much needed insights 15 years ago when I cared for my mother-in-law whose multiple medical conditions were compounded by dementia. It would also have provided much needed direction ten years ago when caring for my mother in her home after suffering a stroke that left her paralyzed on her left side, on tube feedings, and essentially bedridden. And today, as I care for a family member with diabetes and dementia and help a dear friend who requires fourteen prescription medications and a special diet to maintain medical stability. I can rely on this Guide for answers to the many issues that I face.
Mary St. Pierre, RN, BSN, MGA, former V.P. for Regulatory Affairs, National Association for Home Care & Hospice, Home Care and Hospice Consultant

This guide contains very valuable information particularly for new caregivers. I particularly liked the Self-Care of Caregiver (Taking care of Yourself!) chapter.

I believe that two main audiences would use this guide. First and foremost will be the family members coping with the caregiver-caregivee relationship. Additionally, the book would be a good read for healthcare providers, including nurses, physicians, social workers and therapists to understand the scope of the caregiver’s work and responsibility.
DJ, Physician

This Guide is a very important source of information for a person becoming a caregiver or those who have been caregivers in the past. There is so much to know! I am a caregiver, and I learned so much. I also think every Doctor’s office should have this guide book available to their patients and while waiting in the waiting room.
ML, Caregiver

Our Story

Otto at home with Tina and Bill

e-Caregiving grew out of Tina's family experience caring for her father-in-law, Otto. A WWII veteran, Otto lived with Tina and her husband during the final years of his life. Tina encountered challenges that every caregiver discovers. Through her professional preparation, Tina was far better equipped than most, and recognized the help, education, guidance and support that so many millions of caregivers need today.

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Through branding e-Caregiving content, you can be there for new caregivers exactly when they need you most. Offer perfectly suited assistance right when they're overwhelmed. Gain an emotional connection with your patients' significant others, who will return the favor in their personal networks.

Reach a wider audience. You can set the standard for holistic, compassionate, person-centered care.

Differentiate your program. Draw more traffic to your site. Retain and grow your share through better outcomes.

Be more compliant. Enhance your transitional care program. Meet IMPACT regulations.

Jim Skogsbergh, American Hospital Association Chairman says "...collaborating with patients, families and communities... continuously move us toward achieving the Triple Aim: better health care, better outcomes and lower costs." AHA NEWS NOW, 12/19/16

Patient and Caregiver Success is Your Success.


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Tina M. Marrelli, MSN, MA, RN, FAAN

Our Chief Clinical Officer, Tina is known best for a progressive and large body of work in the creation and authorship of over 10 books and e-content. Some of these titles include the “Handbook of Home Health Standards: Quality, Documentation, and Reimbursement” (6th edition just published! Available April 2018), “The Nurse Manager’s Survival Guide: Practical Answers to Everyday Problems”, “The Hospice and Palliative Care Handbook: Quality, Compliance, and Reimbursement”, “Home Care Nursing: Surviving in an Ever-Changing Care Environment” (2017) and other titles. Tina has worked as a director in home care and hospice for many years and also worked for 4 years at the Medicare Central Office in Baltimore on policy and operational issues. Tina works as a consultant and in this capacity (still!) makes home visits and sees patients and caregivers providing care at home. Tina has also been a family caregiver when her sweet 96-year-old Father-in-Law lived with her and her husband Bill for three years. This experience of being a professional and family caregiver became the impetus for the e-Caregiving Solutions and Innovative Caregiving Solutions, LLC. Ms. Marrelli holds a BSN from Duke University, a Masters of Arts degree in Health Administration from Central Michigan University and a Master’s degree in Nursing from Otterbein University. Tina can reached at tina@e-Caregiving.com

Bill Glass

Bill L. Glass – CFO and Managing Partner- Bill has a long history of CEO, CFO and COO roles with management oversight of large companies and industries. Bill brings a ground knowledge of financial, operational and managerial activities and solutions. Bill provides the leadership for the effective operations and organizational oversight for success. Mr. Glass holds a BA from the University of South Florida. Bill can be reached at billglass@e-Caregiving.com

Stan Bell

Stan Bell – COO and leader of Product Development -Stan is a long-term and recognized leader (some would say “rock star”) in healthcare software, technology and innovation. Stan brings his unique design and development skills, coupled with a grounded knowledge of design and practicality to e-Caregiving Solution. Stan is a people person and brings his kind sense of humor to customers and prospective customers alike. Mr. Bell holds a BS in Computer Information Systems from Missouri State University. Stan can be reached at stanbell@e-Caregiving.com



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